myLogbook Q&A
Answers to the common myLogbook questions.

About myLogbook

What is myLogbook?

myLogbook is a cloud-based software that enables the tracking of RV travel and service events.

It is comprised of two data input modules, myTravel and myService, linked to a myLogbook Data file. The document resides on your private Google Drive cloud storage space and is accessed through a web browser.

To use myLogbook, you must build or download* two Google Forms input form files. Creating input forms does not require any programming skills or knowledge. If you can type a sentence and pick items from a droplist, you have all the skills required.

As you travel, buy fuel or perform service work on your RV, you record the pertinent data in the input forms. Your data and any included photos or copies of receipts are available for review or to be included in data analysis and reports.


* See the FAQ “How much does myLogbook cost?” for additional information.

How much does myLogbook cost?

myLogbook is free for personal use and the online resources required to create and use it are also free*.

A Google Account (free) is required to create and use myLogbook. This account provides access to Google Drive* and free online apps such as Google Forms and Google Sheets used to create input forms and manage your myLogbook data.


*Google Drive provides 15 GB of cloud storage free of charge, which is more than sufficient for most myLogbook users. If required, additional cloud-storage space can be purchased from Google.

How difficult is it to build the myLogbook input forms?

Creating the myLogbook input forms is easy and requires no technical skills or knowledge beyond typing and selecting options.

Google Forms is used to construct your input forms. This easy-to-use app is designed for non-technical people and the myLogbook Creation Guide walks you through the process step-by-step. The complete process will take an inexperienced person about 4-hours. Those with technical skills can do it in less time.

How do I get a copy of myLogbook?

To download the myLogbook Creation Guide, click "myLogbook Download" in the myLogbook menu.

You will be asked to complete the license form and then follow the onscreen instructions to download the Creation Guide and resource documents.

Using myLogbook

Which devices are compatible with myLogbook?

myLogbook is a cloud-based software that works through your web browser on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with internet access. It is compatible with all the above devices and common operating systems.

How do I enter data into myLogbook?

Data is entered into the appropriate data entry form either by text or voice entry and a few mouse/pointer clicks.

You will need an internet connection and some services, such as camera integration may not be available to all types of devices.

Does myLogbook support foreign currencies and units of measure?

myLogbook includes links to current currency conversion tables and converters for units of measure.

You can quickly and easily do the conversions and copy and paste the result into myLogbook in your native currency or measurements. Canadian, US, Mexican and all common European currencies are supported as well as standard and metric volume and distance measurements.

myLogbook Data

How do I access myLogbook data?

Your data is stored in two locations, both in the Google Forms file as well as in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Data in the Google Forms can be accessed through preformatted form while the data in the Google Sheets file allows you the flexibility fast and convenient means of viewing your data in values, charts and graphs — all a click sort, search and create your own custom reports.

Where is my data stored?

All data, both stored in the forms and in the spreadsheet, is in your own personal Google Drive. This provided privacy and security so you'll never have your data held captive to subscription fees.