my Logbook
Record your RV journey.

my Logbook

Record your RV journey of where you have been, the places you've stayed, your experiences and RV fuel and maintenance records.

myLogbook is a DIY (Do It Yourself) project where you follow easy step-by-step instructions to create digital journals for recording all aspects of your RV experience. The required software is free as the myLogbook Creation Guide that walks you through the complete process.

How it Works

Both the myTravel and myService modules are versatile and easy to use. Their fully customizable interface and data collection features allow you to use it as-is or adapt it to your specific needs.

Here are examples of typical usage scenarios.


Once setup at a campground, open myTravel and use keyboard entry or activate voice entry on your mobile device to enter your days-end entry.

Record your location and today's travel distance before going outside to take a couple of pictures of the campground and your campsite. You may also wish to input the cost of the campsite and your observations of available services.


After refueling, open myService and use keyboard entry or activate voice entry on your mobile device to enter the details on your fuel, including location, cost and quantity.

When servicing your RV, identify who did the service such as yourself or a shop, and record the particulars about the work, parts and cost. If it was a self repair, you may wish to include pictures or a video for future reference.

The myLogbook input forms are webpages, accessible using any internet connected device from a smartphone to a desktop computer. Bookmark the forms as for quick and easy access. Keyboard and voice inputs are supported as well as the the input of pictures and video.

myLogbook Overview

myLogbook is a DYI digital logbook that you create using Google Forms—a free point-&-click tool for creating forms. Your completed logbook consist of two input forms and a data storage spreadsheet.

Each of the tools used are available free of charge and all your data is stored on your private My Drive space in the Google cloud.

Logbook Creation

The myLogbook forms are fast and easy to create and require no technical skills or knowledge. If you can select an option button with your mouse and type in a label with your keyboard, you have all the required skills. The data storage spreadsheet is automatically created, as are basic reports.

A fully illustrated Creation Kit guides you step-by-step through through the creation process. User's report that the process takes 3 to 5 hours and it can be completed all at once or over the course of multiple days.


myTravel is a digital journal for recording your daily RV activities such as where you've been and where you've stayed. You can record information on points of interest you have encountered, campgrounds you've stayed at and campground costs in Mexican, Canadian or US currency. Daily miles travelled can be recorded in miles or kilometres.

my Service

myService provides a digital logbook of vehicle fuel consumption plus maintenance records for both towed and motorized vehicles. Parts stocked for future use can also be tracked. Support is provided for standard and metric volumes and multiple currencies.

myLogbook Data

Your myLogbook data is collected and stored in a spreadsheet file. Automated data reports are provided or you can access and work your data directly using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.


myLogbook is easy to use and record trip data in but it's packed with power.

  • Easy data entry using a smartphone or tablet.

  • Data entry by keyboard or voice on mobile devices.

  • Integrated picture and video capture with mobile devices.

  • Supports entry of scanned invoices and work orders.

  • Free creation tools and data storage.

  • Private and secure data storage.

  • Includes auto formatted reporting.

  • Support custom report creation using familiar data tools.

  • Fully customizable, add or delete data fields to suit your personal needs.

  • 100% Free — no subscription fees or service charges.

Creating a Logbook

All you need to create myLogbook is a desktop or laptop computer, an internet connection, about four hours of time and a free Google Account. No special computer skills are required; as long as you can follow the instructions provided and use a web browser, you have all it takes.


This project can be completed on a smartphone or tablet but their small screens make it more difficult. For that reason, we recommend a desktop or laptop computer. You will require a Google Account (free) to access the tools and store your data. Mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet are ideal for data entry.


If you can use a web browser, select items from a dropdown list and click buttons, you have all the skills required. The software used to construct the logbooks is designed specifically for those with minimal computer skills.


The amount of time required will vary. Some have reported building their logbooks in two hours while others, with minimal computer skills, have reported taking 4 to 5 hours.


The myLogbook Creation Guide is a professionally written instruction manual that walks you through the input forms building process step-by-step with accompanying illustrations.