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about The RV Mentor

Upon retiring from a career in leading-edge technology development I chose to explore North America in a home on wheels, a large diesel pusher motorhome. What started as a 3-year plan turned into much more. Now, I felt a need to give back to the RV community.

Initially, I joined a Facebook Discussion Group to share experiences but experienced frustration with misinformation, rudeness and a system not designed to respond to repetitive enquiries. My response to this was the creation of The RV Mentor discussion group. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/thervmentor) Here, the accuracy and integrity of information could be assured and those exhibiting unacceptable behaviour could be expelled.

Facebook groups lack in terms of supporting detailed and/or complex information and addressing repetitive requests for the same information. The flexibility of The RV Mentor website answered this need. Complex topics can be handled at varying levels of complexity and detail and publication libraries and a knowledge base support the need for ongoing information on predictable topics.

Together, these social media properties respond to a need not readily found elsewhere — all provided free of charge and without corporate or product bias that afflicts so many other RV resources.

Ron Haidenger
The RV Mentor

about myBlog

A "blog", short for weB LOG, is an online journal. Though a blog can cover almost any topic, travel journals of people's travel and adventures are popular. Unlike a Vlog (Video LOG), blogs typically contain text and images and they can also include videos.

myBlog is my personal travel and adventure journal but designed to follow The RV Mentor's mantra of "Inform, Inspire and Motivate". Blog postings demonstrate tools, resources, technique and practices used during our RV travel.

My hope is that these short glimpses into our journey will teach by example and demonstrate who you can apply them to your RV experience.

about Website & Services

The RV Mentor website was created in Google Sites and the interactive maps were built in My Maps, both free tools from Google.

Computer software and resources were very different in the early years of the computer industry, long before the "internet" was a thing. I watched the computer software industry grow, largely with programs built for personal rather than monetary rewards. Of course, times have changed "buy once and use forever" software is largely a memory with the industry turning to subscription software to ensure you never stop paying. I too shared in that market but still dream of when many software and information resources were free or very low-cost.

With this dream in mind, I have built not only The RV Mentor website and the resources it provides. Unfortunately, there is some unavoidable cost providing this but I'll strive to continue providing and expanding these without demanding payment.

about Amazon Associates Program

The RV Mentor website and Facebook Group content are provided free of charge. There are costs associated with producing and maintaining this content and the Amazon Associates helps defray those costs, without costing you a penny. Here is how it works...

Amazon’s affiliate program, also known as Amazon Associates, is a marketing program that pays a small referral fee to social media providers in exchange for mentioning products available through Amazon. Amazon and the product provider pay the referral commission — there is no cost to you and it does not affect the price you pay for any products purchased through these links.

The links provided are for products we feel are appropriate for the task or purpose discussed. We are free to provide links to any Amazon products and select items based upon their suitability for the task at hand, price and experience. Links for Amazon.com (US) and Amazon.ca (Canada) are provided where possible.