Listings Validation

All submissions go through a validation process before they appear on the map.
This process helps to ensure the data is valid and consistent for ease of use and
may take a few days.

Thank you for your submission and patience.

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Email: Email addresses are required for quality control. Your email address will not be published or shared — it is for internal use only.

Contributed by: If you would like a name published to acknowledge your contribution, enter it here. If no name is provided, the contributor section will be blank.

Submission Type: Indicate if your submission is a new location, or if you wish to update and refresh the information for an existing location.

Location Type: This selection will determine which map layer or category the map pin appears in. Walmarts, truck stops and all commercial properties should be listed as "Parking Lots", regardless of their rural or urban location. Sites listed as a "Low-cost site" must be less than $20 per night.

Site Name: If a location is already pinned and named in Google Maps, please use that name to avoid confusion. If no name currently exists, name it, it's yours.

GPS Coordinates: GPS coordinates are required both to accurately identify a location and to enable linking to the location in Google Maps. Use any GPS coordinate form, but the decimal degrees (DD) format (i.e.: 44.46047, -110.82812) is preferred and will be used in the published map.

Stay Limit: If there is a restricted length of time campers can use this location and you know it, please indicate it. If you are unsure or don't know, select the "unknown" option. Please don't guess.

RV Size Limit: Estimate the length of RV able to access, park and level in this location.

Access Quality: What is the access roadway like? A good paved road is a 5, a maintained gravel road a 4 and a gravel road that can be used by virtually any vehicle going slowly is a 3. If access requires extra ground clearance, it is a 2 or less.

Site Rating: What is your overall opinion of the site, not including scenery and other factors not directly related to the site? This is about the site itself, not local attractions.

Comments: We can't cover it all in a short form so this is where to tell others about important considerations like dump and water options, cellular coverage and more. Include what is important to you and others.

Note: By submitting the above data you agree that The RV Mentor may be edited or use that data in any way, without restrictions.